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Few intellectual property law firms have the same level of experience as The Wendt Firm. We give inventors the counsel their ideas need to thrive.


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The foundation of business in our country relies upon the protection of intellectual property rights, and respecting the valid and enforceable rights of others. When you have an invention or idea, you need to take immediate action to register that intellectual property. At The Wendt Firm, we help you write, file and prosecute your patent or trademark application so you can focus on the success of your innovation in today’s marketplace.

At the same time, it is imperative that your business does not infringe the valid, enforceable IP rights of others. For example, simply because you have a patent does not automatically mean you do not infringe previously granted patents. We can help sort through these issues and offer options to counter competitor patents. Not all inventions are patentable inventions; and not all granted patents are valid. In fact your best option may be to not file a patent application and play “devil’s advocate” to patents owned by competitors.

The Wendt Firm is a virtual office, meaning we have no physical offices with fancy lobbies and overhead for you to pay for. Mr. Wendt resided in The Woodlands (Houston) for 25 years and recently relocated to Austin, Texas, for family reasons. The Wendt Firm is trusted by individuals and businesses across Texas and surrounding states, as well as Canada. We have over 60 combined years of experience working with technologies in the chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as registering intellectual property on behalf of startup businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the region in diverse technologies including hydraulic fracturing, medical devices, building products, and computer-enhanced cinematography.

Don’t Trust Just Any IP Lawyer

Our principal attorney, Jeffrey L. Wendt, offers the same level of experience you may find in senior partners at many larger IP firms. Many larger IP firms use junior associates to write patent and trademark applications. Not at The Wendt Firm. When working with us, you will be working with an experienced patent & trademark practitioner from start to finish. In addition to running our practice, Mr. Wendt served as the president of the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) from 2015 to 2017, and formally served as one of their board members. He has also provided trusted IP counsel to several large corporations across the country. When your intellectual property is on the line, you can’t afford to trust a less-experienced attorney.

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