Need To Register A Patent Or Trademark?

The cornerstone of innovation in our society relies on the protection of intellectual property rights. While we cannot guarantee a patent will issue or a trademark will be registered, The Wendt Firm has been actively involved in applying for patents (both utility and design) and trademarks for a wide variety of ideas and innovations, including:

  • New technology for established chemical and building products companies
  • Innovations for upstream, midstream, downstream, and integrated oil and gas companies
  • Medical devices
  • Computer-aided cinematography
  • Common Law, state, and federal trademarks
  • Environmental technologies
  • Licensing, sale, and other monetization of IP rights

Our firm writes, files and prosecutes patents and trademarks on behalf of a variety of individuals and businesses in Texas and beyond. We can help you take the first step to bringing your innovations to life.

Experience You Can Count On

Prior to starting our firm, attorney Jeffrey Wendt served as senior intellectual property counsel for several multinational corporations. And as a board member and the former president of the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP), few attorneys have the same level of experience and resources to get your ideas off the ground.

Don't Wait To Get Started

If you don't file a patent application as early as possible, you could make a mistake that jeopardizes your patent rights. Something as simple as publishing an article in a journal or speaking at a conference, or offering an item or service for sale, may bar your ability to get a patent for your invention.

While common law trademarks are valuable assets, federally registered trademarks (which can only happen after "use in commerce" of a mark "as a trademark", not just the name of a business) are considered more valuable assets for many reasons, not the least of which is putting third parties on notice of your rights sanctioned by the US Government.

Our firm provides trusted guidance and counseling for your intellectual property needs. Located in The Woodlands north of Houston, and by appointment in Austin, we are trusted by a variety of sophisticated clients, from entrepreneurial innovators to some of the country's largest companies. To speak with our accomplished IP lawyer, call our office at 346-800-4530 or send us an  email to schedule an appointment.


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